NLP Practitioner Certificate Course


In this NLP certification intensive workshop you will learn you how to recognize and make changes to patterns in your mind. You’ll also receive the tools and certifications necessary to begin coaching others.


7-day course taught in-person via lecture, discussion, self-exploration and case-study. Approximately 130-hour commitment including at-home study.


Training manuals and 20+ hours of audio recordings.


Time Line Therapy® Practitioner; Hypnotherapist; NLP Practitioner; NLP Coaching


Get coaching from NLP and yoga experts, join a global community, share feedback and resources, and develop long-term connections.

Course Overview

This workshop is recommended for you if you are:

  • Interested in understanding your mind in order to make changes in your life
  • Looking to start or advance a career in health and wellness
  • Feeling “stuck” and ready to take accountability for your life

Over the course of seven days we will explore the the fundamental concepts of NLP and learn the underlying models:

  • Well Formed Outcomes – the key to setting achievable goals
  • Rapport – the corner-stone to persuasion and influence
  • Representational Systems – how we use our five senses
  • Sub-modalities – taking charge of your brain
  • Language Patterns – use language with awareness and impact
  • Anchoring – the power of associative conditioning at your fingertips
  • Strategies – the unconscious processes we use to create all behavior
  • Parts – the key to personal congruence and focus
  • I have been to several conferences, trainings, summits, and courses throughout my career in a few different industries and professions – this was by far my best experience. I learned an incredible amount of information and feel extremely confident in everything I’ve learned. Not to mention, I am extremely excited to go out and practice it with my new clients.

  • The NLP Training Course and Certification is a game changer training and so beyond grateful to have experienced this with Deb. Deb is the differentiator here. It was the BEST training we have done and it has made such a significant impact on our life — the way we approach our work and communication with others and building our business. Can’t thank her enough!

  • Debra Heslin, a certified trainer of NLP, has been an outstanding trainer, leader and coach. Our team who took the training chose to change the way we “use the language of the mind to consistently achieve our specific and desired outcomes.”

  • Early on in my Coaching Career I learned: "If you want to be a coach, have a coach" So many people miss this obvious point. How can you say you believe in coaching as a profession, if you don't have a coach. Debra is not just a coach, as a Master Coach, She is a Coaches Coach. She holds the perfect space for the very best of you to shine and grow to become an even better version of yourself. What's better than that... In all my years (Since 1992) as a Coach I am so pleased to have found Debra, A Coach that really gets what it means to Coach. Debra has this wonderful balance of encouraging and gently pushing you to do more while cheering you on!

    Mark S.

Learn from Debra

An Aussie-born corporate leader turned executive coach, Debra now leads people in adjusting their mindsets to overcome challenges and form habits that cultivate positive changes in their lives.

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