Meet Your New Body: A Holistic Approach to Body Image

The way your body looks, moves and feels starts in your mind. Learn how to master it and create your desired relationship with your body and food in this 4 week course delivered online with videos, reference materials, live Q&A and a growing global wellness community.

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Get everything you need to create the body you desire and the confidence that comes with it.

You will

Form a new relationship between your mind and your body

The things that affect our overall health, like food and movement, are connected to memories, environment, learned behavior and habits. You will understand your unique relationship to your body, food and movement and make the changes to achieve new goals.

Set goals you will actually acheive

If your reason isn't strong enough, there will only be excuses. You will find the reasons that form your commitment to tangible goals.

Form strategies

You will find strategies to achieve and maintain your goals with strategies like: keeping commitment regardless of environment, morning rituals, journaling, re-associations, visualizations and being mindful (even when that means not living in the moment).

Understand hypnosis and how to self hypnotize

You'll understand what hypnosis is and why it works and learn how to hypnotize yourself, as just another tool in creating the body you want.

Join a private growing, global community for ongoing support and inspiration

4 week course

Learn at your own pace
$ 99
  • 4+ hours of videos
  • Downloadable worksheets, reading and tools
  • Join a global wellness community
  • Access to discounted 1:1 coaching for continued support
  • Live Q&A sessions held weekly