What thoughts are you repeating in your mind lately? Are they helping or hurting you? We all have the ability to shift our thoughts that are not helping and focus in the moment, the now, the present!

In our forever busy, multi-tasking lives, living and experiencing “the now” is somehow lost. We are so immersed in our thoughts, our dramas, our addictions to electronics, that the moment of now is ignored. Think about taking a shower! How many times are you in the shower but not in the shower? What does that mean? While in the shower, is your mind wandering to what you have to do next, what you have to do later, what happened last week, what may happen tomorrow or next week! Rarely are we in the moment and experiencing the now.

In some strange way we are stealing time from ourselves by living in the past or the future. Ultimately increasing our anxiety and worry. Next time you are showering, notice the water coming out of the faucet, the temperature, the soap and how it feels and smells. When eating your next meal, be mindful of each bite, the taste, and the smell, the feeling as you are eating. Go for a walk, be aware of each step, feel your feet on the ground, feel the breeze or the warmth of the air, notice what you smell.

Your thoughts can prevent you from enjoying every moment – maybe you ponder the past, the mistakes you’ve made, the regrets you have. Is this helpful? Dwelling on decisions already made, and thinking how different it could have been, prevents enjoying the present and hinders the helpful actions you can take right now.

When was the last time you spent completely in the now? Try it, you will be surprised at what you hear, feel and see. And by spent I mean truly spent – did you actually listen to someone speaking to you, did you really taste the food you are eating, did you really see your surroundings. These moments are the now, the present. Practice these three simple steps:

  • Clear your mind – Mute the inner voice that’s continuously repeating the tasks you have to do. Close your eyes and breath, take long inhales and even longer exhales, listening to your breath. Your breath is free. Enjoy the quiet.
  • Use your senses – Take time to look around you, smell the air, listen to the sounds, touch, and feel the atmosphere.
  • Change your perspective – Ask yourself is my thought helping me? If it is, keep it. If not, change it. Say to yourself, “What could I think instead,” “What could I be instead,” “What else am I instead.”

Write your thoughts down and notice how you can change them to something more helpful. You are in control – the results will surprise you.

In today’s busy world, it’s only natural that thoughts of the present become increasingly clouded. Learn to embrace being mindful of living in the moment. Don’t steal time from yourself. Notice the thoughts you wrote, do they deserve space in your mind and are they creating what you want to see in your life or blocking you from it?

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