Being in charge of your mind, means you can be in charge of your results. We can change the way we think, and hold a positive outcome on what it is we want to achieve, and then, turn the focus on what we want to happen. This alone will move toward producing the results we want.

What a great feeling to know that we are in charge of driving our own bus, no-one else. We alone, have the power and the ability to change direction and focus at any given moment in time.

What an even greater feeling to know that you are in charge of you and responsible for you and can work toward any result you want to achieve!

When we begin to realize that everything, every result we produce, the behaviors, everything we do, is first held in our mind, we then discover that we are in charge of our mind.

I choose not to be a passenger but a driver of my own bus. It is work to be the driver, we need to focus, and at times, my mind gets out of control. It is then time to slow it down and stop it from running on and on and on and on. You do that be switching your focus, your direction to what it is you want instead.

We first create within, and we take that thought and make it into our story, and our dramas, that often lead to chaos. We can take that story and turn it around and be in charge and be the driver.

You are in charge of your mind and therefore your results. So if you want to stay in a negative state, you are the driver and can choose to stay there. However, if you wish to change, you can pick a different state to be in and drive yourself there. What do you choose?

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