Building Resilience: A 6-week Online Series

Join me once a week for an hour as we explore tools for building resilience during the era of COVID-19, including all the benefits of HeartMath.

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A Holistic Approach to Body Image

The way your body looks, moves and feels starts in your mind. Learn how to master it and create your desired relationship with your body and food.


Simple Strategies for Success

Now more than ever coaches are relying on their training to support clients. Join me and our growing community of coaches from various health and wellness backgrounds as we strengthen our toolkits.


Certification Courses

Making Changes to the World Around Us
by Exploring the World Within Us


Yoga and Meditation Online

Yoga and meditation are methods for connecting or reconnecting to your breath, a fundamental aspect of improving your well-being. I offer several classes online each week and I invite you to join me, regardless of your previous experience.