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Workshops & Retreats

June 14-20. 2020
Fort Lauderdale, FL

NLP Practitioner

March 2020


Meet Your New Body: A Holistic Approach to Body Image

September 2020
Fort Lauderdale, FL

NLP Master Practitioner

2019 dates TBA
Fort Lauderdale, FL

Create the Life You Want Now

April, 2019

A Holistic Approach to Body Image

2019 dates TBA


Create the Life You Want Now

What Others Are Saying

  • Anyone can read a script and recite it to a group of people, but Deb lives NLP and teaches at such a personal level to all of us.  You are so generous with your time, passion and patience.  I wish I had taken NLP during my corporate position, I would have enjoyed the last ten years of my career so much more.  Deb is a natural leader and teacher and masterful in every sense.

  • I am daring greatly to say to the future: Deb, your spiritual reach will enlighten the state of awareness in so many souls in need. It is my privilege to be a part of this empire.

  • I have been to several conferences, trainings, summits, and courses throughout my career in a few different industries and professions – this was by far my best experience. I learned an incredible amount of information and feel extremely confident in everything I’ve learned. Not to mention, I am extremely excited to go out and practice it with my new clients.

  • During my very first session with Deb I realized how different working with a coach is from what I was expecting. Immediate results is not an overstatement. The tools I was provided started working on day one. The path was forward and that is where I went. My first year I set some pretty lofty goals that I was unsure I could meet. I achieved them in half the time projected and overcame obstacles one by one in the process. And life doesn’t stop once you achieve one goal no matter how high you set it. I now had tools that I never had before. I practiced living on a higher level with a different perspective and I started setting new goals. It never got easy, but my perspective shifted.

  • The NLP Training Course and Certification is a game changer training and so beyond grateful to have experienced this with Deb. Deb is the differentiator here. It was the BEST training we have done and it has made such a significant impact on our life — the way we approach our work and communication with others and building our business. Can’t thank her enough!

  • Debra Heslin, a certified trainer of NLP, has been an outstanding trainer, leader and coach. Our team who took the training chose to change the way we “use the language of the mind to consistently achieve our specific and desired outcomes.”

  • In Sanskrit, Swadhyaya means self study and introspection. Debra Heslin’s workshop this past Sunday with a morning yoga practice and an afternoon life coaching session gave me and thirty other men and women true insight into our passions. Her workshops are a must for anyone looking for tools to live a more fulfilled life. Thank you Deb. You’re a dear friend and an inspirational speaker.

  • I am so grateful that my friend reached out to me and invited me to Debra's one day event at the Hyatt Regency.  I have never done yoga or meditation before and did not know what to expect.  The entire event was amazing.  My body is a little sore, but most of all, my spirit and passion are renewed.  The workshop was incredible.

  • I can’t tell you how much I received from Debra's Finding Your Purpose workshop. One of the reasons I went to this workshop was in helping my children find their passions, I realized I had lost touch with my own...Debra's workshop was incredibly helpful!...Thank you for inspiring me to dream much bigger and to realize that my limited dreams are limiting me.

  • Debra changed my life. Her coaching technique provided me the opportunity to dig deep and identify what was holding me back from living the life I wanted and deserved. She is authentic, kind, compassionate, and provided the environment where I felt safe to move forward in my life. Today, I am living in truth. I have discovered my life’s purpose and I am confidently moving in the right direction.

  • Debra’s approach to wellness has taught me how to live again. She is someone I admire because she walks the talk and is an inspiration for anyone willing to change their life. I highly recommend Debra, if you are ready to find your life’s purpose, a partnership with Debra will change your life!

  • Such a great workshop and so proud of all you’re doing to help others. All companies should be taking advantage of these opportunities…teaching life-long skills.

  • Early on in my Coaching Career I learned: "If you want to be a coach, have a coach" So many people miss this obvious point. How can you say you believe in coaching as a profession, if you don't have a coach. Debra is not just a coach, as a Master Coach, She is a Coaches Coach. She holds the perfect space for the very best of you to shine and grow to become an even better version of yourself. What's better than that... In all my years (Since 1992) as a Coach I am so pleased to have found Debra, A Coach that really gets what it means to Coach. Debra has this wonderful balance of encouraging and gently pushing you to do more while cheering you on!

    Mark S.

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An Aussie-born corporate leader turned entrepreneur, I now help people adjust their mindsets to overcome challenges and form habits that cultivate positive changes in their lives.

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