Life-Changing Life and Business Coaching

Coaching is a supportive process that takes those who are open and ready to make changes go from where they are today to where they want to be.

The Benefits of Coaching


Living a lifestyle that brings fulfillment, growth and happiness is the goal. A variety of influences and situations make it easy to forget we are in charge of our own lives and bring us to ask questions like ‘what’s missing?’ or ‘can I really have what I want?’ Coaching builds accountability, helps to identify unique qualities, interests and passions.


From negative self-talk to unhealthy dependencies, there are so many habits that keep us ‘stuck’ and unable to create changes that we want to see in our lives. We’ll work to identify root causes of the habit(s) and outline steps to overcome and replace them with healthy thoughts and actions.


Relationships, both personal and professional, thrive with healthy boundaries and clear communication. Whether you’re forming a new relationship or looking to re-engage within an existing one, we’ll build tools to create more fulfilling connections.


Our lives change suddenly or slowly, as we experience loss, a traumatic event or a change in life dynamics. Coaching offers coping strategies, reconnecting to a sense of self and finding balance.

My Philosophy

I believe coaching is the best thing we can do for ourselves and I find fulfillment seeing my clients’ lives transform as a result of the changes they make with me. I emphasize that it is something we “do”, meaning my clients need to be ready for change and actively participate. We bring change to the space you create and we move at the pace you are open to. Every client’s experience is completely private and personalized, but I do draw upon fundamental tools of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), yoga, mediation and hypnosis.

  • During my very first session with Deb I realized how different working with a coach is from what I was expecting. Immediate results is not an overstatement. The tools I was provided started working on day one. The path was forward and that is where I went. My first year I set some pretty lofty goals that I was unsure I could meet. I achieved them in half the time projected and overcame obstacles one by one in the process. And life doesn’t stop once you achieve one goal no matter how high you set it. I now had tools that I never had before. I practiced living on a higher level with a different perspective and I started setting new goals. It never got easy, but my perspective shifted.

  • I can’t tell you how much I received from Debra's Finding Your Purpose workshop. One of the reasons I went to this workshop was in helping my children find their passions, I realized I had lost touch with my own...Debra's workshop was incredibly helpful!...Thank you for inspiring me to dream much bigger and to realize that my limited dreams are limiting me.

  • Debra changed my life. Her coaching technique provided me the opportunity to dig deep and identify what was holding me back from living the life I wanted and deserved. She is authentic, kind, compassionate, and provided the environment where I felt safe to move forward in my life. Today, I am living in truth. I have discovered my life’s purpose and I am confidently moving in the right direction.

  • Debra’s approach to wellness has taught me how to live again. She is someone I admire because she walks the talk and is an inspiration for anyone willing to change their life. I highly recommend Debra, if you are ready to find your life’s purpose, a partnership with Debra will change your life!


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