Supporting employee health is also a smart investment in company health.

Today’s studies overwhelmingly show that successful companies make employee engagement central to their business strategy. An outstanding 75% of employers indicated that their companies offered some type of a wellness program, resource or service to employees. Likewise, 87% of people have responded that a wellness program is factor when considering a potential new employer. Which means that a strong, holistic wellness program attracts talent in addition to creating and retaining engaged employees and a positive culture.

We work with companies to create resilient and empowered leaders from within


At both an individual and a team level, we work to identify and change stress-causing habits and create frameworks that help embrace change.


Often times unclear or misaligned values cause communication breakdown across an organization. We define and align to set up individuals and teams for success.


We dive deep into understanding our own communication styles as well as those around us. This includes understanding how we are perceived, how to present powerfully and flexing our communication to the situation.


Empathy and empowerement are characteristics that deserve focus at every level of an organization. When they are modeled at an executive level, the benefits are exponential.

  • Debra coming to Northwell Health was like a gift to my life. From the first moment we had a group session she captivated my attention with her positive energy and knowledge.  Her teachings are like a compass that always remind me to take time to work on myself in order to be successful in my personal life & career.

    Elena Saraci Northwell Health Talent Acquisition

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